Toward Mediocrity and Low Expectations

Had a conversation with a friend the other day whose spouse is a professor.  Every year graduate students look to take “reading” courses and they need a professor to set guidelines, assignments, expectations, and an eventual grade … and this professor would typically take on a couple of these students per semester.

This did not sit well with other professors in the department.  They wanted him to stop … because it made THEM look bad for NOT doing it.

I also know of a woman who cleans apartments in a retirement home for a living.  Tipping is not expected, but some people tip her.

This upsets some of the people living in the retirement home who maybe can’t afford to for not tipping because they feel it makes them look bad.

So they would rather not have people tip this woman, who probably doesn’t make that much money and really appreciates the extra money and who probably understands all to well what it is have limited funds and not be able to afford things — so that they won’t feel bad.

It occurs to me that this is the mentality that drives the liberal drive to the bottom – away from encouraging people to do their best and toward mediocrity.

The liberal solution to this would be for the government to step in, take a mandatory amount of money from certain people, more from those who have more money, and redistribute it to the woman – now in the form of an entitlement and not a reward for a job well done, where the people the money is coming from have no say in how much they “tip” — all so that people who can’t, or people who won’t — can feel better about not doing it.

You see how this attitude drives society down instead of up?

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One thought on “Toward Mediocrity and Low Expectations

  1. Severian

    Great post.

    This, in fact, may be the upside of Ebola (provided we can contain / survive it) — the public will finally realize that avoiding feelbad is liberals’ only goal. They would rather have apartment cleaners do without than feelbad. They would rather students get stuck in grad school limbo for lack of classes (I’ve experienced this personally) than feelbad. And they’d rather people die horribly of a terrible disease than feelbad.

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