Back in the days, you actually had to buy a ticket to the ball game to tell the center fielder he sucked.  It wasn’t healthy back then either, but the cost of the ticket, combined with the possibility of Ty Cobb charging into the stands to rebut you, kept the worst behavior from spreading too far.  Nowadays, of course, you can call a guy a bum on a blog, a comment on a sports site, a tweet, a call-in radio show, all with no fear of reprisal.  And everyone is a potential target — anyone who has written anything on the internet is familiar with the drive by troll, who drops in on a single post to tell you you suck, then is heard from no more.

It has serious real-world consequences, as we’re starting to see in Berkeley and elsewhere.  While organic free-range gluten free tofu is great for pumping up one’s keyboard muscles, it’s notso hotso against bikers and Based Stickman — a fact they surely would’ve known had they any familiarity with real-world conflict.  (Since Our Betters, the Liberals, are nothing if not raging hypocrites, how soon do you think they’ll be discovering the wonders of the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry?).

It’s actually worse than that, because it’s not just the internet.  Not only can they not understand that the big dude with the muscles might actually know how to use them, they’re specifically trained not to think about it.  The Liberal perspective is the only perspective that is taught, K-thru-PhD, so why wouldn’t they think grrrl power really works out on the street?  As far as they know, History is nothing but the story of women and browns triumphing over white guys… who have all the advantages, such as Patriarchy, Capitalism, etc., but who are somehow always losing.  And so you get 90-lb dreadlocked girls trying to hit grown men, and getting mollywhopped for it.

It’s all part of our flight into fantasy these last 50 years.  If they didn’t deserve it so very, very much, I’d almost feel sorry for the “antifa” out there getting wedgied.  They’ve been lied to all their lives.  And what’s worse for them, psychologically, is all the grief retconning their theories is going to entail.  Think about what it means to see your 90 lb. dreadlocked genderfluid friend getting xyr face caved in.  That goes against everything the Left has been taught all their lives.  You mean, men are stronger than women?  And that some of them won’t sit still to let you explain why that’s a problem?  And then the next day they’re going to go back to class, where their hippie-reject professors are going to explain to them that no no, it’s all just a social construction….

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Left as a whole is Satan’s own troll job, going 4chan on the entire human race.

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