Trump Fires the Entire NFL!!!!! (Wait’ll you read the 6th paragraph!!!!)

I’m always curious when people say “it’s got a national conversation going” … when, exactly, did the national conversation stop? Because it seems to me like we’ve been talking about this for years on end.

To me the real issue is peoples’ perceptions on why there appears to be disparities between police action, including police shootings, of non-whites. There are lots of explanations, and racism on the part of individuals within law enforcement can never (and will, as long as humans are involved) be ruled out. But there are a LOT of other factors to look at, the vast majority of them cultural and exactly zero of them genetic save the genetic correlations (which we all know does not mean causation … and that can be pretty much proven in this case) between the victims and the shootings.

The biggest problem is, no matter how much “whites” acknowledge the issues and how unfair it is to innocent non-whites, the fact remains that as long as the cultural issues prevalent in certain non-white populations persist, a sane and natural correlation between appearance and behavior will continue to exist – and this will contribute to even the most conscientious people, even non-white people will continue to subconsciously use the correlation to make an unfair judgement on an individual (ask Juan Williams … he gave a real, personal illustration of this several years ago and got canned from NPR for being honest about it) .

Which is, lest we forget, what is wrong with racism. It causes us to make unfair judgement on people. It’s the unfair judgement that is actually wrong, the fact that in the case of racism it’s based on ethnicity is actually incidental. I think we’ve gotten so far down the road from this that too many forget this, and try to cure the disease by infecting a different population with the very disease they are allegedly trying to cure.

The answer cannot be arrest quota — as multiple studies have shown, police action corresponds to reports of crime to police, as do subsequent arrests and the occasional shooting. A disproportionate number of reports come from areas dominated by minorities, and they’re generally other people of the same ethnic background as the alleged criminals doing the reporting. Thus it is quite understandable that arrests and shootings are going to be lopsided in that direction. Police haven’t declared open season on minorities, that’s just the narrative given by those who wish to divide us — and believe me, those who wish to divide us do not wish to see this problem solved. There is too much hay to be made from it.

So fast-forward to a football game, where people have come to have a good time. And before every football game there is this tradition that the national anthem is played and everybody gets up and does this ritual action of … unity … honoring the symbol of that which we all supposedly believe in. It’s the one thing, now that the country has been sold on the religion of multi-culturalism, that is left that we can all stand up and say “yeah. THAT.” Even if we sometimes fail to live up to it, that is what we strive for.

Now before I continue, I need to make one thing very clear. The protesters have the inalienable right, protected by the First Amendment – to do whatever they want to do during the National Anthem. I absolutely support that right, and to my knowledge nobody has proposed getting rid of the right to do it.

On the flip side … when you sit it out, when you don’t join in the ritual, what you are telling the 70-100K people in the stadium and the millions of people watching is, “I am not one of you”. Further, since they know why you’re doing it, you are telling them “I think this thing you believe in is fundamentally racist (which means it’s evil), and that means you are all fundamentally racist for believing in it.” That is the worst kind of insult you can hurl at a decent human being. It’s heinous.

Again, they have every right to do it, but  that is the message they are sending regardless of the message the mean to send.

When you tell people, “I am not one of you, and you all suck”, they are probably going to have a negative reaction to that. AND … they have the same right to that reaction as the protesters had in their action.

You cannot simultaneously reject society and expect it to embrace you.

Most of the people in the stands and watching TV are decent human beings who don’t want to see innocent people wrongfully harrassed, accused, arrested, or especially shot. The people behind this movement are telling them that deep down, they don’t really care.

You know how we just went over that wrongful accusation is a bad thing? People tend to have a really negative reaction to it. And when they have a really negative reaction to it, they’re going to stop listening to you.

Trump, for his part, did not cause this division. The rise of the most recent flareup in this happened right here in Missouri in 2015 while Obama was president. Trump … just picked a side. And he was his usual ham-handed self about it. Picking a side in and of itself wasn’t bad. Many valid arguments exist in support of the side he chose. But his language and his tone certainly have been lacking which is no shock to anyone who’s paid attention to him at all.

The NFL’s reaction has been equally bad, because they made it about Trump instead of the issue at hand, and their fans lose here. And they also lose fans.

And the division is made worse, and we are no closer to solving the root cause of all of these problems.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Fires the Entire NFL!!!!! (Wait’ll you read the 6th paragraph!!!!)

  1. Toddy Cat

    “The protesters have the inalienable right, protected by the First Amendment – to do whatever they want to do during the National Anthem”

    They most assuredly do not, when it is part of a pre-game ceremony. When on the field, these players are at work. They no more have the right to make political statements at work than I do. I am not allowed to make personal political statements to our customers when conducting training seminars, and rightly so. The NFL has denied the rights of players to make numerous political statements,such as wearing special cleats for 9/11, as it has inappropriate celebrations, obscenities, etc. They could certainly fine our suspend players for kneeling during the national anthem, and not in any way be violating their First Amendment rights.

    The players certainly have the First Amendment right to make any political statements they wish – off the field, on their own time, just as I do. On the field, at work, they are constrained in their expression, like all of us.

  2. philmon Post author

    “The protesters have the inalienable right, protected by the First Amendment – to do whatever they want to do during the National Anthem”

    They most assuredly DO. Maybe you misunderstand the nature of rights. The right to do something does not free you from the social consequences of exercising that right. The right to do something means we can’t use the sanctioned force of government to stop you. Your employer still has the right to fire you, people have the right to avoid you, not go to your store, call you names, and most things short of slander or assault.

    This is what the left doesn’t seem to understand about rights — or they only selectively understand it.

    We also don’t get to dictate what the owner does about it any more than the government can. It’s between the owners and the players. The fans can “fire” them by not watching. I expect there’ll be a lot of this coming up. The NFL really stepped in it. I’m pretty sure they know it, too. Too late.

    Look for lots of people to tune out this weekend. Also, look for lots of teams to have every player standing for the anthem this time around.

    1. Toddy Cat

      If you’re replying to me, I think that we actually agree, in the sense that yeah, I have a right to hand out political literature at work, and my boss has the right to fire me. My position is, that Trump said that the NFL should make a rule barring players from doing this (actually, this already exists) and a lot of people were squalling that this somehow violated the players “rights”, which of course it does not. No one, and I mean no one, is arguing that the government should do anything to the players. I think that we misunderstood each other.

  3. philmon Post author

    Yes. If everybody had a correct understanding about what the first amendment really means, they wouldn’t be able to argue that the players’ rights were being violated. Part of my job is to make sure everyone I run across has the correct understanding, if only so they can correct other people making this argument. It helps when we’re all speaking the same language, which is why the liberal/progressives try so hard to make words mean things other than what they actually mean … so that they can get away with these switcharoos.

    When possible, I stand for the definitions of words against these re-definition attempts.

    Trump’s original comment was “wouldn’t you like to see one of these owners” fire one of these players for this. I haven’t seen where he said that they should make rules that bar them from doing it (and as you said, they already exist anyway, they’re just not enforced) — though I’m not saying he didn’t later since I haven’t really been following closely.

    There is often a great disparity between what a person says and what the media says he said. Again, they do this buy substituting meanings.

  4. nightfly

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the owners are a bunch of cowards about this. If they really wanted to support protesting then they could simply not play the anthem. Just announce the kickoff, send out the players, line everyone up, and go.

    They won’t do that, ever, for two reasons: first, the NFL Game Operations Manual requires the anthem. If the players refuse to stand in violation of it, that’s on them and the owners can essentially hide behind their actions by doing a bunch of me-too things in the media or linking arms with them or whatnot. But if the owners take that choice out of the players’ hands (or knees), then they’re on the hook for any official opprobrium.

    Second, the owners won’t dare directly tick off their 80,000 guests. Indirectly has been bad enough for them, but if they really went all-in on it, boy howdy.

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