Wait, Is This Rhetorical?

Ace of Spades this morning:

And so the question is how does President Trump, along with the citizenry of the nation, working legally within the constraints of the law fight an entrenched political enemy that will use its power and break laws (and increasingly bust heads) to essentially overthrow the government?

Is that a trick question?

The answer, obviously, is: You don’t.  Trump has two choices: Organize some headbusters himself, or have his entire administration doomed to irrelevance.

Still think it can’t happen here?

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3 thoughts on “Wait, Is This Rhetorical?

  1. philmon

    He needs several more Stephen Millers. Did you see that dude the other day speaking articulately and cutting to the core of issues? I didn’t know anyone in Washington could do that anymore.

  2. KR

    Yup. The answer is simple, but it’s still difficult to wrap my head around it: Now Is The Time To Go Rogue. Either we reclaim the institutions of both civil and political society or we lose those institutions forever. I can’t believe I’m writing this … I can’t believe, honestly, that I believe this. But I do. I truly believe it’s time to go rogue.

    Do I think “it” can’t happen here? If you asked me this question a year ago, I would have smirked and pointed to hundreds of years of relative constitutionalism in this country, sans civil war, but now I see the edifice crumbling as Trump et. al. storm the barricades. It’s happening. That question is moot.

    I’m wondering what it all means for ordinary citizens. How do we go rogue? What do we do?
    1. I think, perhaps, we go rogue by doing little things that demean and depress the opposition such as blatant mockery and derision. The Internet is a good place to start. Troll them. All the talk about guns and ammo and prepping and defensive posturing makes sense, but before the shooting begins, we’ve got to weaken and demoralize the opposition in word and deed.
    2. Perhaps, too, we sabotage government regulations, disobey government restrictions, lie to not pay taxes in order to defund the government, etc.
    3. We can hire only like-minded individuals and fire those who are anti-American/Western. Now is the time to expose that guy in the office that hits up on his students, you know, that flaming lib who hates Trump and claims the so-called “moral high ground?” Expose him and all the others like him.
    4. Call ICE about known illegals. Just call. Give info and hang up.
    5. Break ties with all relatives and friends who can’t be converted. Don’t make a scene as you’ve already determined they can’t be saved. Just walk away, brushing the dust off your feet as you go.

    What else?


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