“We Don’t Care”

Vox Day suggests this as the motto of the Alt-Right, and responds as such to this guy:

After the election I went to one of my favourite thinkers, Jonathon Haidt. This recent video of him inspired me to try to reach out to Trump supporters via Twitter and try to genuinely understand and empathise with them, and perhaps in turn have them empathise with me. After a couple of days of that I’ve all but given up, having repeatedly bashed my head against the brick wall of Infowars, international Jewish Globalist conspiracy, and a well that is now permanently poisoned against anything from the liberal intellectual tradition.

I’m not a real big fan of Vox Day, but he’s dead on here. Cry me a river, sweetheart.

Not to get all Bolshevik on y’all, but History doesn’t care about ideologies, any more than it cares about feelings. The so-called “Alt Right” isn’t; it’s old-school ethno-nationalism, which from 1648 to 1919 was simply called “politics.” Have a look at England’s wars, starting from the 16th century. What were the ideological issues there, would you say? “We’re at war, boys; let’s stick it to the wogs for Good King ___” pretty much covers it, every single time.

None of which is pleasant, I’ll admit. I myself am sick to death of hearing about the Jewish Globalist conspiracy, and consider it gibbering lunacy. But you know what? I. Don’t. Care. anymore. The Left doesn’t spend one single second reining in its lunatics, and the Left has brought America to the brink of ruin. Bill Ayers, just to take one of a zillion examples, is an honest-to-God domestic terrorist with American blood on his hands. Not only did the Left not care that he and Obama were close personal buddies, they actually thought it was pretty cool. And I’m supposed to get all worked up that some guy on the internet allegedly said some mean things about Jews?

Since the Left fucking loves science, I’ll list the empirically testable conditions under which I will care about the so-called “extremists” of the self-labelled “Alt-Right:”

— When one single solitary prominent Leftist calls on his co-religionists to stop protesting Trump’s election, as “accepting election results is the cornerstone of our democracy.”

— When one single solitary member of the punditocracy denounces anti-white violence committed by Black Lives Matter, because “that’s not who we are.”

When all the idiots calling for the abolition of the Electoral College admit that Bill Clinton didn’t win the popular vote either, and begin decrying Clinton’s 8 year reign of terror as an illegitimate usurpation of the people’s sacred will.

— When one single unhinged celebrity who pledged to leave the country if Donald Trump were elected actually does so.

Until then, I. Don’t. Care.

[Re: Clinton’s wins in 92 and 96, I stand corrected, thanks to reader Captain Crunch. I meant “didn’t win 50% of the popular vote,” which effectively rebuts the Left’s whining about how “more than half the country doesn’t want Trump as president!” But as written, I look like a moron].

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16 thoughts on ““We Don’t Care”

  1. The Bagman

    That last one is risky. Many will be leaving, and sooner than they think. Perhaps it would be safer to stipulate voluntary exits.

    1. severian Post author

      And I don’t care that you don’t care that I don’t care…. we’re creating a vortex of apathy here that threatens to engulf the solar system. All I want for Christmas is for the Left to stop forcing me to care about bullshit I don’t want to care about. Find some other way to inject drama into your pathetic little lives. Get a prison pen pal. Take up gardening. Sudoku is very popular. Something, anything, other than politics.

  2. CaptainCrunch

    I believe that Clinton won both the popular and the electoral votes in both ’92 and ’96

    Here’s a historical view of the elections. A really nice presentation (click on one, of course, to see the details):


    (I could be misinterpreting something, wouldn’t be the first time.)

    No matter, but if I am right, let’s not go saying stuff which isn’t true, as that is what ‘they’ will fixate on to explain how butt-dumb we are, if we make ONE mistake.

    By the way, I’ve been a reader here for a while – got here through a comment you made on Z-man’s blog. Neat how we ‘find each other’.

    Back to a lurker.


      1. CaptainCrunch

        So is yours. You and Z-man are on my ‘check daily’ list, along with some others that you would recognize such as Borepatch, Peter Grant (Bayou Renaissance Man), Vox Day, Woodpile… but I almost NEVER post anywhere. I’m not paranoid, though ;-0

    1. nightfly

      Clinton won a plurality in the popular votes, but not a straight majority either time. (43.3% and 49.9%, if my math’s right.) He reached 270 each time, though, and that’s the whole game.

  3. Notsothoreau

    Don’t get me started on people like Ayers. I just despise those folks.

    I got into a Facebook battle during the election. I think I posted something about Hillary’s health issues. They questioned my sources. I said, “I don’t even care if it’s true. The Left throws out lies all the time.” The person was shocked. They never prove their stories. We’re just supposed to believe it because CBS or the New York Times says so. I don’t believe any of them, any more. They want to spread lies about Trump? I’d be happy to spread lies about their folks.

    1. severian Post author

      That’s my favorite part of the Trump revolution, bar none. These asshats finally got their own favorite tactics used against them, and they’re so mad they could spit. “It’s not faaaaair! doing to us what we do to you all the time!!” Which is #WhyYouGotTrump. Suck it, Lefties. Yes, ALL of it. There’s plenty more where that came from.

      1. P_Ang

        And, if VoteFraud.org is correct, and Obama telling illegals he won’t prosecute them for vote fraud led to 3 million illegal votes from illegals alone (not counting the 60k illegal votes from that little felon-snafu in VA), P.E. Trump won the popular vote quite handily too.

        Just imagine what a drubbing would have taken place if voter ID was in place and Dems never committed vote fraud. It would have been like an ’84 Reagan again. They’d be too triggered to snowflake!

  4. Montefrío

    I found you all by myself! I went to the Z Man home page and discovered the links someone mentioned: it took me only four or five months to realize there was a home page!

    Having fun reading your work and will have more when time permits. Meanwhile, I’m with you on this one! Who cares? Just came indoors from playing with the grandsons on a beautiful spring day down here in the Southern Cone, will now cook up some lunch with veggies gathered from the garden. Politics, philosophy and other weighty matters are on leave for the rest of the day! Looking forward to return visits.

    1. severian Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I will check out your blog as well. I think I can speak for the rest of the bloggers here when I say we Deplorables need to stick together!

  5. Notsothoreau

    I am gonna have to restrain myself. Was out in the Winco parking lot as husband did the shopping for me today. I was parked across from an SUV with a Trump/Pence bumper sticker. I was waiting for them to come out so I could yell “Are you tired of winning yet?” I was afraid they might think I was mental so I restrained myself.

    1. Rich Whiteman

      That is so good! I’ve been trying to come up with a fun way to connect with fellow travelers. I am going to do that as soon as I can!

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