What is to be Done?

Since we’re all just doing hypothetical, theoretical spitballin’ here, let’s open the floor.  Let’s say a hypothetical group, not us, were to stage a meetup, further to organizing Fight Club / Project Mayhem-style.  On D day at H hour, we’ll all go out in the streets wearing an all-white Pats baseball hat with an upside-down American flag pin on the brim* (such that people who live in Greater Boston etc. don’t accidentally start blabbing about Our Thing to unsuspecting fans).  We’ll loiter at the busiest shopping area within a ten block radius of our houses for an hour.  When you recognize one of your own, give him the “OK” sign.  (Be subtle-but-clear about it).  Then find a way to surreptitiously exchange contact info — maybe carry a business card that you can “accidentally” drop as you pass — then check back here for further instructions.

[Again, don’t actually do this.  This is just a thought experiment.  We all love Big Brother here].

It seems we’ve already hit an insurmountable problem.  Even if we assume that Rotten Chestnuts isn’t under surveillance by the Feds (and lately I’ve been noticing a floral delivery truck marked Flowers BIrene circling my block), we’ve just transmitted the key piece of information in the clear.  Even if we communicate in unbreakable cipher from here on out, at some point you have to transmit the instructions for picking up your secret decoder ring in plain text…

Once you get the code, though, the problems persist.  I assume any such group would be an “organization” only in the loosest sense, but even there, someone has to be Tyler Durden, keeping track of what all the Fight Clubs within Project Mayhem are doing.  Remember, the key to this whole (entirely hypothetical!!!) thing is that everything it does — everything — is 100% perfectly straight-up LEGAL.  (One of Tyler Durden’s top priorities would be to get some crack lawyers into the Club).  Tyler would need to be able to track activity, and enforce discipline if necessary.  In other words, there would need to be some loose group communication, if only to keep track of things.

And as the movement grew, the need for coordination would increase.  I’ve already suggested a way to keep in touch — a fake (or hell, even a real) discussion board.  I suggested a “pickup artist” community, as they’re already eyeballs deep in conspiratorial lingo, but anything sufficiently specialized and dorky will do.  A baseball site would probably do the trick (VORP! WHIP! BABIP!  It sounds like Batman fighting the Riddler back in the Sixties).  The idea is that you can communicate in all-but-plain text, piggybacking on their jargon.  Look for posts by “Hubert Q. Fakename” after 12/2/2018 (I assume it’d be easy to go back and fake time stamps, such that Hubert looks like a longtime poster?  Software people, please help).

Which raises another problem.  I assume that piggybacking on existing jargon would fool search algorithms (again, where my comp-sci brothers at?), but it’s still hosted on a commercial site, and people have to log in with IP addresses, user names, etc.  I know there are ways around this — TOR and whatnot — but a) I’m sure TOR itself was developed with some back doors, and b) more importantly, you need people tech savvy enough to use this kind of thing.  I’m not, and I doubt most kids are.  (Remember, the key word in any mass movement is “mass.”  Meaning you’re dealing with the dead center of the bell curve.  If most people are idiots, then what does that say about our membership roster?).  Everything would have to be 100% plausibly deniable, without your average poster realizing it.

[While I’m sure it’s possible to set up some kind of super-secure, ultra-encrypted server in a secret lair somewhere, that would be a big neon sign for the Feds.  Setting up a home server in her goddamn bathroom was actually the smartest part of Hillary Clinton’s whole caper — surely the Media-certified Smartest Woman in the World wouldn’t be so stupid as to do that, so nobody bothered to look.  She botched it, naturally, but the initial idea was pretty clever].

Last, and most important, are the face-to-face meetings.  Intimidation — completely legal intimidation — is the whole point, and that requires visibility.  The Left’s greatest advantage is that they can do this in the clear, under their own names — it’s not a crime to say “gosh, it sure would be a pity if someone doxxed you.” It’s not a crime to retweet it.  And that’s how they get you.  I’d suffer zero penalties, legal or social, if I did that openly, under my own name, as a Left-winger, targeting a right-winger.  It’s not a crime for us to do it, either, but we all know that we’d immediately put ourselves in the crosshairs of every liberal busybody in every government organization nationwide (which is to say, pretty much all of them).

This is why it’s critical to make the uniform — the ballcap or whatever it hypothetically is, theoretically — a fashion thing before making Fight Club’s existence known.  That’s also why it’s important to choose an obvious variant of something already popular.  Who knows, maybe that group of pissed-off young guys is just the local Pat fan club, and the team just lost?  What are you going to do, haul every Chad and Stacy from Local U down to the police station for a chat?  Get ready for a flood of phone calls from pissed off administrators, teachers, and parents!

And with that, you’re right back to the start — how do we even make ourselves known to each other (theoretically), without blowing OpSec all to hell in the first five minutes?

I have no answers.  I’m pulling all this straight out of my ass as I type (and it’s all a thought experiment anyway).  I’m sure it’s covered in Spycraft 101 at CIA school, but unless you’ve got the manuals (or, better yet, firsthand experience) I don’t think that’d do us much good.  Plus this is the Internet, where 1 in every 5 guys is a ninja paladin Green Beret who got kicked out of SEAL Team Six for being too badass; nobody would believe you anyway.  I know a few of you are comp-sci types, so you could probably knock together a solution for the middle stages, but the “getting to know you” part seems hopeless in the modern urban surveillance environment.





*Yes, you will probably look like a dork, especially if you’re past a certain age.  And yes, all-white anything makes your butt look big.  What’s more important, saving America or looking cool?
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13 thoughts on “What is to be Done?

  1. Kirk Forlatt

    We should also consider trolling the other side by promiscuous use of the word “ginger,” since I am reliably informed that the word is merely “nigger” with the letters rearranged. Perhaps the Official Snack of Our Thing could be ginger snaps with whole milk?

  2. Severian Post author

    I hadn’t heard that one! Classic. I further propose “alleging Mario limit” for “illegal immigration.” We can disguise it as chatter about video games. “Did you hear some kid in Sweden cleared the first level in 2.2 seconds?” “Nah man, that’s just alleging Mario limit.” Also, referring to a chiropractor’s office as a “backbone crack mill” is now the official code for “black on black crime.”

  3. Pickle Rick

    How did Lech Walesa and Solidarity do it in Gdańsk, or the East Germans in 1989? It’s got to take a local inciting incident to snowball. It’s just like nuclear fission or, in our own history, the John Brown Moment (where the South started organizing volunteer military companies en masse)

    But that’s not how it works today, with a surveillance state the Stasi could only dream of. What works is agitprop that inspires single action or cells of merry, legal pranksters. Digital samizdat that, as we just saw, causes the cultural overlords to look foolish and, crucially, uncool to rebelliously inclined youngsters. Mockery, derision and a mischievous smile will win us more converts than dour ideologues. The less organized we are at this stage, the better, because organizations will be observed, watched, infiltrated, and destroyed. What we need to be is everywhere and nowhere all at once, to cause the occupying cultural forces to overreact and lash out blindly, which causes the uncommitted to suffer pain, which then creates more rebels.

    1. Severian Post author

      I agree with you, but one of the points to this little thought experiment series is: to be anything BUT Internet pranksters, “we” need a degree of organization. I’m sure that once organized, there are lots of ways to avoid detection. But getting organized is the key step, and that’s where it all blows up. Waiting for a flashpoint moment does no good, because of demographics and general enstupidation.

  4. Pickle Rick

    I disagree. All an organization would do at this fledgling stage is lay itself open to subversion, exposure and rock dumb idiots latching on to this and doing counterproductively stupid things like Charlottesville.

    What we need is an a la carte menu of agitprop tactics that cultural rebels can choose from to puncture the leftist’s sense of superiority, confidence and hegemony. We’re not the types to need a Comintern and an underground Party controller making sure of the ideological purity of the local leaders. There’s no Party program or apparatuses that we need to have yet, because it’s too early for that. We need to be a gadfly, and provoke by joyful rebellion against the leftist Puritans.

    Asymmetric political warfare will work just as well against a hidebound, unresponsive leviathan (the Democratic Party and their alliance) as its actual paramilitary counterpart did in Afghanistan and Iraq against a conventional army.

    1. Severian Post author

      I see what you mean, but… provoke joyful rebellion to what end? If it’s to provoke a “John Brown Moment,” then we’ve accepted that there WILL be political violence — organized, mass political violence.

      I’d really like to avoid that. One of the big ideas behind creating an “organization” — which, at this point, means very little more than “a bunch of people wearing ball caps” — is to demonstrate that there are a LOT more of “us” out there than previously suspected, such that maybe, just maybe, the leviathan should think before it acts….

      And yeah, that’s probably a pipe dream. After all, even the mass organization of militia companies in the South wasn’t enough — most of the North was still convinced the South wouldn’t (or couldn’t) fight. And I really doubt even the most heinous government overreaction against an Internet gadfly would provide a “John Brown Moment” anyway. A UK court all but sentenced Tommy Robinson to death, and… pretty much crickets. It’ll take some serious hard times to get people acting, and we’re a long ways from that (though that’s another argument FOR an organization — when the economic shit hits the fan, you’ll actually know, face-to-face, some reliable buddies who can help you).

      We’re well and truly screwed, ain’t we?

      1. Pickle Rick

        Not yet. After all, the Soviet Union looked invincible-until the day it wasn’t. Globalist uniparty rule by the likes of Clinton/Bush oligarchy seemed unstoppable until Trump.

        The President has the bully pulpit and unlike his limp wristed wannabe revolutionary predecessor Barry, Trump has the sack to call millions to action if he really feels a coup is imminent, but these ass clowns like Barry, Comey, Strzok and Page don’t know how to do real revolutionary action like Lenin-they don’t have his taste for blood, because they’re used to GOPe cucks. Trump has been shoving them into the metaphorical lockers for two years now, and it seems that he’s infusing some backbone into a moribund party. We don’t have to build something from scratch if we co-opt an existing party. The way the Democrats are going, there’s no other place for whites to go.

        I’m a historian too. The pendulum is swinging Right, and the modern Bolsheviks know it- hence their desperation.

      2. Frip

        Severian: “We’re well and truly screwed, ain’t we?”

        Like a doctor, I like when a blogger is honest. It’s probably not good for business, but it means you can trust them. “Do I have a fighting chance doc?” “Nope”

  5. WOPR

    Heinlein always gets a ton of credit for his structure in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.” The problem with his idea is that he has a perfectly secure and hidden communication method for the group. The real work that way. However, he is correct that a small group at the top is necessary and you need a cell structure. Giving it a little thought, I figured a few things:

    1. All online communications are inherently insecure and traceable. Even if the code isn’t broken, the metadata will be used to establish who is involved in the network. So best assumption is doing anything online is the equivalent of broadcasting from a ship at sea. Everyone knows where you are, possibly who, and maybe what you said.
    2. Electronic devices are your enemy and your friend. Assume they are a gov’t agent stalking you at all times.
    3. Just like the organization needs cells, the communication methods need to be varied and different at each level and branch. Sure the opposition broke the communication method used at level 4 and branches 8-12 but are still stumped by other areas.
    4. Discovering informants is critical.

    I have a communications idea but don’t want to mention it online per item #1.

    1. Severian

      That’s the kind of thing I mean, and that’s why any communications have to be plausibly deniable. Communication over technology should only be the most general stuff, disguised as sportsball chatter or what have you — only WE know that “Rodriguez went 2-for-4 with a double; wow, that must put his batting average over .250!” means something like “we successfully plastered the quad with It’s Ok to be White flyers this weekend.” (The idiot media will do lots of our communication work for us — you know they’re just dying to report stuff like that, at which point those of us in the know think “ah, Project Mayhem Cleveland, you magnificent bastards!”).

      That’s another reason for the hats btw — to see how many of us there are. There was a group, I can’t mention them by name because Internet people can’t read it without losing their shit and assuming I endorse ALL their goals and methods (obviously I do not), so let’s call them the “Cat Fanciers.” In some areas, most everyone, up to and including the police chief, were sympathetic to the Cat Fanciers, at which point they could do things almost in the open (“gosh, your weekend Alpine ski club sure does have a huge, uniformed, well-disciplined membership roster!”). In other areas, the Cat Fanciers were a legit underground secret organization, as being “out” would get a member arrested, assaulted by commies, or both. I assume Project Mayhem Portland will have to be really cloak-and-dagger; Project Mayhem Ft. Worth could probably be all but open.

      Either way, though, you have to do everything face-to-face, and what technological communication there is has to be so plain-vanilla that it gets lost in the noise (e.g. referring to the “gingers” (see Kirk Forlatt’s post, above” as the “googles,” as Heartiste et al suggested. Obviously the search engine isn’t going to flag all mentions of itself….”

  6. BubblePuppy7

    If you haven’t already, read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.

    The thesis, as discussed in the “Author’s Note – A Warning and Disclaimer” in the beginning of the book, is that enough bullying, by what is widely perceived as a hostile occupation government, will inevitably end in revolt if the occupied area is large enough and has a culture that is significantly different from the occupying state, and that this revolt will be undefeatable if the rebels use very low-tech “leaderless resistance.” (Wikipedia)

    Leaderless resistance, or phantom cell structure, is a social resistance strategy in which small, independent groups (covert cells), or individuals (a solo cell is called a “Lone Wolf”), challenge an established institution such as a law, economic system, social order, or government. Leaderless resistance can encompass anything from non-violent protest and civil disobedience to vandalism, terrorism, and other violent activity. Leaderless cells lack vertical command links and so operate without hierarchical command, but they have a common goal that links them to the social movement from which their ideology was learned. Leaderless resistance is simple and difficult to stamp out. (Wikipedia)

    At least, that’s the direction I would take. Think nationally, act locally.

    1. Severian Post author

      Right. This here is the key:

      they have a common goal that links them to the social movement from which their ideology was learned

      What is the social movement? What is the ideology? That’s why you need a “Movement,” of even the low-tech, scatterbrained version I’m describing here. Otherwise it’s just gadfly stuff. Eventually it has to cohere around something. Which leads to two inevitable questions:

      1) Around what? and
      2) Around whom?

      I dunno about y’all, but speaking hypothetically here, I’d rather it be “our” guys, doing “our” thing, than anyone else out there. If you assume. as I do, that coherence into a “movement” is inevitable, it’s best to be in on the ground floor.*

      *note that I say nothing about that movement’s chances for success. In fact, if you read what I’ve written here for years now, I think any such movement — along with such fun concepts as “personal autonomy” — is probably hosed. The future really is a boot stamping on a human face, forever. But some resistance is inevitable. Hypothetically.

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