What else might that apply to?

My hat’s off to Michelle Rhee.  While she still identifies as a Democrat, she has taken (apparently a while back) a huge first step in seeing the 500 lb gorilla in the room when she noted that our public school system was failing students.

Here’s the question we Democrats need to ask ourselves: Are we beholden to the public school system at any cost, or are we beholden to the public school child at any cost? My loyalty and my duty will always be to the children.

Not everyone bought it. In fact, most of my Democrat friends remained adamantly opposed to vouchers. It was interesting, though: they were always opposed to the broad policy, but they could never reconcile their logic when thinking at the individual-kid level.

Talk like that is likely to get you thrown out of the party, under the bus.

If you haven’t watched Waiting for Superman, you should.

But here’s what stuck out at me in that quote.   Given the fact that they at some level know that this broad policy, however well meaning, is bad for the individual — do you think maybe they’re anywhere near the next step?  That being the realization that this might not just apply to education?

That all this talk of individual liberty isn’t just a bunch of shuck and jive by angry, racist, Bible-thumping gun-clingers?


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