What’s the Point?

It’s fun — by which I mean very, very sad — watching Lefties struggle with the fact that there’s a point to life.

Yes, there is, and everyone knows there is.  At least, everyone behaves as if there is, which is functionally the same thing.  Albert Camus, the famous existentialist novelist, once said that the only real problem in philosophy is the problem of suicide — as in, since life is so obviously pointless, why don’t we just kill ourselves?  The fact that Camus had no plans to off himself should tell you how seriously to take this kind of remark.  We may actually be random conjunctions of atoms in an endless void, but nobody acts like we are.

As we all know, the problem with Lefties is: they can’t see the obvious consequences of their own positions.  It’s their defining trait — once you start thinking things through, checking assumptions against data, you’re no longer a Liberal.  So when, back around the time of the French Revolution, Lefties decided to go all-in on being Smarter Than You, they didn’t realize that a) this, for them, was now the point of life, and b) that’s just stupid.

It’s stupid because Smart, as they see it, means looking past what “everyone knows” to see what’s really going on.  In practice, this means rejecting the accumulated wisdom of mankind — if they did it that way in the past, it must be wrong, because they did it that way in the past.  So God’s gotta go, and with Him, any notion of the afterlife.  So, materialism uber alles.  But: What’s the point?  With what shall we while away the meaningless hours, and why should we bother?

First they tried political religions like Marxism.  But again with the zero follow through — it’s more pleasant, I suppose, to have than to have not, but what happens when everyone has?  That wasn’t a problem in the 19th century, or for the first half of the 20th (and really, on that score, Marxists should be thanking the lucky stars they don’t believe in for the Wehrmacht).  But once the Cold War came around and we arranged an entire society where everyone has everything he could ever possibly need — to the point that our “poor” people are so fat they’re dying of heart disease — it became clear that this wouldn’t work.

“Free love” was briefly the answer in the Sixties and Seventies, but eventually microbiology clued in even the most ideology-addled anticapitalists to the bedrock truth of economics: A thing is worth what you’ll pay for it.  Ditto drugs and everything else — hedonism is no more a viable life strategy than nihilism or quietism (the other obvious responses to Camus’s question).

So now, in the Current Year, we’ve arrived at conspicuous consumption.  A major reason I’m not a Liberal is: I can’t afford it.  Every car on campus with a Bernie bumper sticker is much nicer than mine, and the quickest way to derail a demonstration is to release some new geegaw for the latest iCrap.  You know the kind of thing I mean:imageedit_6459_5008652973

And so on down the line, with all their virtue-signaling.  Living space, for example, is an economic good like any other; Liberals love “gentrifying” neighborhoods because it lets them show off — they’ve got enough money to jack real estate prices high enough to drive out the blacks, after which they can lament the lack of diversity in neighborhood schools.

So, too, with micro-calibrating “gender identities” — who else has the time? Those of us without trust funds are too busy getting by to spend hours and hours worrying over which pronouns to use this week.  Time is the most expensive luxury good of all.  All the money in the world won’t buy you a single second more; squandering your allotted span on spergy nonsense like this makes one hell of a statement about your relative station in life.

Alas for the Left, this is falling apart, too.  In the end, whether you believe in Transcendence or not, life is how you live it.  All their endless rabbiting to and fro can’t save them, because they’re all just increasingly desperate attempts to avoid looking inward.  Worrying about the mote in your neighbor’s eye is a great way of not doing anything about the beam in your own, as some dead white guy said.  Learn that, and you’ll have taken your first step towards being actually happy with life and your place in it….

…But — and this is the hard part — you’ll no longer be a Liberal.

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