Why Nice Guys Can’t Get Laid

The Revolution didn’t exactly go as planned.

Like all Leftists, Karl Marx fucking loved science — so much so that he presented his harebrained Hegelian junk philosophy as a scientific blueprint for the progress of History.  Communism shall be achieved, comrades — it’s inevitable! — but before that, we must sink to the depths of industrial capitalism.

This isn’t a “maybe;” this must happen, said Marx.  The necessity of passing through industrial capitalism was a dogma of the faith, such that the Mensheviks, who were just as committed to the Revolution as Lenin’s boys, actually favored a compromise with Russia’s few industrialists after the Tsar abdicated.  Only when capitalism’s productive forces have exhausted themselves, Marxist theory says, will the “contradictions” be sufficient for the Communist “synthesis.”

The Russian Revolution, then, baffled orthodox Marxists.  Russia was still half-feudal; they were decades, maybe centuries, away from having the necessary preconditions for Communism.  Only fully mature industrial capitalist states — the US, Britain, France, and especially Germany — were ripe for Revolution.  What the hell happened?

Guys like Lenin and Antonio Gramsci (we’re getting to the “get laid” part, I promise) quickly knocked together an answer.  Marx wasn’t wrong — the Scriptures are never wrong!  He just needed a little modification, Council of Nicaea-style.  Turns out Onkel Karl skipped a step.  The Proletariat can’t develop “revolutionary consciousness” on its own.  It needs a “vanguard party” to do that for them.  Every do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, jet-setting, three-home-owning People’s Champion is, of course, a high ranking member of that vanguard party….

… as are all the tenured radicals down at the local U., in Hollywood, and throughout the Ed Biz.

And now, as promised, the “get laid” part:

Section Break!

Section Break!

“Developing revolutionary consciousness” means, in practice, teaching the Proles who and how to hate.  Getting along, curbing the worst excesses, muddling through… all these are actually worse than the worst capitalist exploitation, because they make the Proles wonder if maybe a full-blown Revolution, with gulags and secret police and whatnot, is really necessary after all.  Can’t we just, you know, put in some safeguards?  Maybe two or three “branches” of government?  With some checks, and/or balances?  Or maybe — just spitballin’ here — maybe some kind of list or “bill” of “rights” that limits the state’s power?

Nyet! Only Revolution will make benefit glorious utopia that Marx promised is just around the corner.  Rage, therefore, must always be stoked white hot.  Every possible source of enmity must be found, focused, and turned up to eleven.

Racism works great for this, which is why you’ll find Soros’s filthy, Nazi-collaborating hands all over movements like Black Lives Matter.  Or it used to, anyway.  The problem is Chronic Negro Fatigue.  Most of us have had it with Jesse, Al, and the rest of the Reverends, not to mention Colin Kaepernick, gentle giant Michael Brown, mouth-frothing lunatic antisemite Farrakhan, and the rest.  See below — that’s modern America’s take on “racism.”  The Vanguard Party has pushed racial hatred just about as far as it will go.  Not being stupid, America’s Blacks — who are only 14% of the population, and know it — aren’t going to start a race war; they’d be wiped out in a week.  Further racial grievance mongering is a nonstarter, Revolution-wise.


Sexual tension, though, is a source of animosity that’s as old as mankind.  Convince women they’re the Most Oppressed People Ever, and nobody’s safe — you can always take a detour around the inner city; you can’t avoid your Mom and Sister.

So that’s what they did, our Bolsheviks.  They invented Women’s Lib, which became Third Wave Feminism, which became Wymyn’s Studies, which became the pulsating, mirror-glittering shit show we see before us hourly.  From my considerable experience of Wymynists, both professionally and personally, I deduce that they believe the following propositions, with a catholic ardor that would make Torquemada blush:

  • No matter what I wear, do, or say, viewing me as a sex object is rape…
  • …unless I want you to view me as a sex object, in which case not viewing me as a sex object is rape, no matter what I’m wearing, doing, or saying.  Furthermore,
  • everything I wear, do, and say is empowering; not acknowledging this is rape, and furthermore,
  • nothing I wear, do, or say is my fault, because Patriarchy robs me of all agency, even though my very existence is super empowering; and furthermore
  • all of this is subject to change without notice, with no statute of limitations.

No man in his right mind would approach a woman like this, and yeah yeah, NAWALT, but seriously, they’re all like that.  They can’t help it.  It’s the most insidious consequence of propaganda — if all you’ve ever been told is lies, it’s almost impossible to see the truth, even when it’s right there in front of your face.  “Gee, Tom sure seems like a nice guy… but he’s probably a slavering pervert.”

Nor does it help that social media encourages men to be slavering perverts.  Women aren’t stupid — they know that

  1. a cleavage shot on Facebook will get them 6,000 comments;
  2. all from thirsty betas desperately hoping their comment will get them laid.

This is, of course, by design.  It effectively eliminates nice guys, by turning “nice guy” into the ultimate loser stereotype.  Thanks to all this, on social media — which these days is indistinguishable from IRL — normal interpersonal relations between men and women are now impossible.  Talk to a woman, and you’re either a Machiavellian player or a weaselly little wannabe rapist.

See what I mean?  Sex — gender, whatever — is the biggest and most sensitive class divide of them all.  The Revolution can’t happen without hatred, and thanks to all this, fully half the population are Certified Class Enemies.  I wouldn’t wish modern dating on anyone.




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7 thoughts on “Why Nice Guys Can’t Get Laid

  1. P_Ang

    Not to mention that there is a repeated effort to show women as the “Mostest Victimized Class EVAR!!” My mother, who for years was constantly snope-checked on Facebook by her friends, has suddenly been spouting leftist talking points about women. For instance, did you know, (and this is 100% true because more than one friend has said it now), 100% of women have been raped in their lifetimes? My own father basically raped my mother with his unkind words when she’d disagree with him!
    Not to mention the FACT!! that women make .50 cents on the dollar for every dollar a man makes, women are terrified of men because men are killers, women are TOTALLY!! discriminated against at work, school, gub’ment by cabals of old white guys even when women outnumber said OWG’s 10 to 1 in management and supervisory positions where women make all the decisions…
    The insidious seed was planted long ago. Now the question is how to uproot it?

    1. Severian Post author

      I suppose not, but the thing the Game guys never tell you is, what happens all the times you crash and burn while working on your act?

      Return of Kings et al act like all you have to deal with is social rejection — some chick blowing you off and laughing at you. Where I work — which is increasingly becoming the norm in America — the worst thing that can happen to you is a false rape accusation, which ruins your career, your life, and can get you sent to prison, where there’s no such thing as “false” rape.

      As I say, I wouldn’t wish modern dating on anyone. Everyone is miserable, and unless you’re already a major-league player with cameras on you at all times and a stack of notarized consent forms, you’re pretty much SOL.

      And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Right now, #MeToo is just for attention whores. What happens when they realize they can make money and/or grades off it?

      1. Anonymous White Male

        I do read Chateau Heartiest and ROK, but only for the non-game related stuff. Like I used to read Playboy for the articles. But, I have to admit that while the biological reality of females is usually correct, I don’t respect game practitioners. I think that reducing females to uncontrolled breeding automatons crosses, for me, an ethical line and misses some of the positive aspects of women. I’ve been married now for 40 years. I realize that females can be a pain in the ass and one of their main functions is to make life as unnecessarily difficult as possible. However, they provide a vital and irreplaceable role that, for lack of a better word, God intended for them. I’m not sure how training to pump and dump women will provide the practitioners with the character necessary to marry for life. Especially since there is a certain underlying contempt for women that is a major foundation of game.

        1. Severian Post author

          That’s the realization another Game guru, Roosh V., came to, and now he’s pushing “neomasculinity” as some kind of positive philosophy.

          Problem is, Game is as crudely reductive as any other monism. It “works,” in the sense that you can shoehorn just about anything into “biomechanics”… in the same way Marxists could shoehorn everything into “class struggle,” feminists can shoehorn everything into “patriarchy,” etc. It gets you laid — no mean feat these days — but at the cost of flattening life out into an algorithm.

          By their fruits shall you know them. Does Heartiste seem like a happy guy, all in? Roosh routinely posts about how miserable he is, and we all know that feminists, Marxists, SJWs, and academics (100% overlap there, admittedly) are the unhappiest critters in captivity. Monism works great for some practical purposes, but it’s just a tool. Game guys mistake “holding the hammer” for “building the house,” just as feminists etc. do.

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  3. Al from da Nort

    I’m thinking that this post is more the general case of the poisonous results of cultural Marxism and the previous post is more the special case of Chix-in-Science_!!! Man, what an appalling society we have become. I’d like to say that this situation simply cannot continue. But I’ve said this since Clinton I rode into DC on the Feminist Imperative (FI) (in more ways than one).

    Re Game: I can see why it is attractive to alienated men. I was young and alienated myself for the usual reasons. But it used to be the case that part of that alienation was the conflict between your base desires and assuming the desired station of manhood by accepting its duties, among them being moral conduct. Game denies any duties to anyone, even to your better self that you’d hope to become. So it is immoral and destructive on many levels. It actively works to further the social situation it claims to hate.

    Looking back, some elements of it are a more economical explanation for some otherwise perplexing events my past with the ‘fairer sex’ than the CW. So it seems that the theory part of it has some limited explanatory power, particularly in a degenerate society.

    But it is paradoxically bad in so many ways, even ignoring how immoral it is. To start with, *nobody* is *entitled* to gratification, sexual or otherwise, much less instant gratification. Thinking that way is self-destructive infantilism, straight up. It leads to endless frustration and trouble. As an example, the self-defined ‘nice guys’ you pointed out are anything but. They sound like pathetic-yet-dangerous sociopathic monster adult-children who would be a danger to themselves and others if they would ever bestir themselves to leave Mommy’s basement.

    So they sadly deserve the mockery they get. Apparently even that doesn’t suffice for motivation. Demanding that you be satisfied with no effort on your own part is just self-centered laziness. Wallowing in the bad results of it is just self-defeating stupidity. I recall my parents endlessly pointing out that the world wasn’t fair from my early childhood. Apparently they missed out on that part of what we used to call ‘socialization’ (i.e. normal child raising).

    So, telling these ‘nice guys’ that they need to re-establish some dignity as a man by doing manly things like improving yourself physically and mentally is not the same thing at all as invoking the deservedly mocked FI ‘man up’ trope.

    Secondly, you ought not *be* with any female that Game works on immediately. The old jerk saying ‘never put your —- in crazy’ has been born out by observation any number of times over my lifetime. As has the many versions of ‘think with your upper head’. Glorifying episodes of instant gratification in general (as in ‘hold my beer and watch this’) can be humorous, but only so long as it’s not you dealing with the results. Not so funny when it is you. Learn from the mistakes of others, grasshopper.

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