Yep, It’s Bullshit -UPDATED

When even 99th level troll paladin Vox Day says “As revelations go, it’s a dud…and it falls massively short of what was promised yesterday,” you know that the shit-stirrers have shot their wad. Tell me again how this isn’t a disinformation tactic.

Anonymous: Here are a bunch more pay-for-play emails! Corruption! Influence peddling!
Typical Low Info Voter: But what about the Satanic sex ring?
Anonymous: But…but…but… corruption! Influence! Remember the 5th of November!
Typical LIV: I was promised a Satanic sex ring.
Anonymous: But…but…but… Clinton Foundation!
Typical LIV: Yawn. Seen it a million times. Math is hard. Get back to me when you’ve got Satanic sex.
News Media (in unison): See? SEE?!?!? It’s more of the same! Re-litigating the past! Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!!!
Typical LIV: Yawn. Yep, sounds about right [votes for Hillary].

Nicely played, Anonymous. Nicely played. Remember remember the 5th of November… when you promised us a Satanic sex ring and gave us a summary. Does it at least have little dots next to the main points? Can you give me that much?

UPDATE 11/3/2016: Oh ye cats, now it’s the Koreans too.  And pizza logos.  Hey, remember when Procter and Gamble rolled out their “Satanic” logo?  I seem to remember something about Johnson and Johnson, too, but whatever — there sure are a lot of Satanic corporate logos out there!  I’m sure the RAND Corporation and the Reverse Vampires are involved somehow, too.

My honest opinion (y’all want my honest opinion, don’t you?): Yes, the Low-Info Voters most indubitably ARE that stupid.  Faced with two propositions —

  • Hillary Clinton sold national security for cash via her hacked homebrew email server; and
  • Hillary Clinton is in a Satanic pedo cult;

— your LIV will look at them and conclude that since Hillary isn’t in a Satanic pedo cult, she must therefore not have sold national security secrets via her hacked homebrew email server.

Yes, their brains work like that.  Nice work, Alt-Right.

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5 thoughts on “Yep, It’s Bullshit -UPDATED

  1. The Bagman

    In some parts of the internet, “anonymous” is known as a bunch of disinfo shills. In the same way that someone overhyped the Wikileaks anniversary press conference and the final O’Keefe video so that the uniformed would stop paying attention to either as soon as it was apparent that neither was as salacious as hoped, so too with this.

  2. Allen

    Who didn’t see it coming? A satanic child sex ring? I swear people can be thick at times.

    I remember the first one that came out, here in California in 1982. It was in Bakersfield. Think about that, a satanic sex ring in Bakersfield. We’re talking about Bakersfield in the early 80’s where most sex crimes probably involved farm animals. To this day the DA at the time still believes it.

    But as it’s said, “Visit Kern County go home on probation.” This time around the candidates for DA are going hammer and tongs about who’s softer on crime. It’s looking like they might start shooting suspects in the streets to make their point.

    A satanic child sex ring. Just shoot me now and be done with it.

    1. severian Post author

      Ah yes. Was that McMartin preschool, or was that down the road a ways?

      I love listening to the Vox Day types, explaining to us “midwits” that oh no, this is totes real and in no way a disinformation tactic. Huh, that’s funny — from here on out, now no matter what evidence the Alt-Right has for anything, no matter how rock solid, everyone’s reaction is going to be “wait, you’re the dumbasses who fell for the Anonymous satanic pedo ring stuff.” If I were on Hillary’s team — and who says I’m not, bwahahaha! — I’d be making up “Hail Satan!” memes starring Pepe the Frog and pasting them everywhere.

      Way to Pat Robertson yourselves, guys.

      1. Allen

        The first one was in Bakersfield followed up by the McMartin one down in Manhattan Beach. Then I think it spread to Massachusetts.

        At least they’re really, really smart, just ask them. I think the current versions involve secret bathrooms at pizza parlors. There has to be a tunnel though. Every satanic child sex ring needs a tunnel going to the underground ritual center.

        1. nightfly

          This is Chick tract-level balderdash. Pederasty and pedophaelia I can well believe, and that’s bad enough – but even without that, the woman’s a traitor and sold her office for cash. It would be Manchurian Candidate stuff except that she’s Angela Lansbury’s character, and the only brainwashing going on is in the press pool.

          They’re wicked enough to reject wholesale, but people think overselling it will finally drive that point home.

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