You Don’t Need to See His Papers

Just when I thought my jaw couldn’t hit the floor any harder, I ran across these headlines yesterday:

This is insane.

It really illustrates that the truth in this spoof video is really pretty much on the money.

Of course, we’re not saying that having an Arab name makes you a terrorist. But there is a pattern, and it’s a pattern that people are apparently more than just a little eager to refuse to see. Political correctness has rendered our news media impotently incurious when it comes to certain subjects.

I have a Muslim co-worker who told me, not terribly long after 9/11, that her teenage daughter had come to her and said, “Mom, I know not all Muslims are terrorists, but it does seem like most of terrorists are Muslim”. So it’s not just me.

There is a difference between religions. Even staunch Atheists Bill Maher and Penn Jillette acknowledge that.  Sure there are crazy people of all faiths and non-faiths who have murdered and who were even inspired by their beliefs in many cases — but there is only one major world religion that has an extremely well-established pattern based not only on the relgious writings upon which their religion is based, but is rife with religious leaders who preach violent jihad and has myriad organizations world-wide to do violence, in the name of their God and their religion and who regularly carry it out.  Can we just say that?   Really?  We can’t?

It now appears that our well-mannered Chechens who blew the legs off of Boston Marathon spectators and acually killed three … were likely recruited as disaffected teens with Muslim sympathies by a Saudi Islamic Radicalizing agent Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi.  This is exactly what terrorist organizations do in the middle east.  Now they’re finding ways of getting it done here (helps get around immigration inquiries if your disaffected youth are already here before they are radicalized).

But you’re not hearing about Al-Harbi in the media, because … the Media is deeply invested in this idea that Islam is just like any other religion when it comes to violence, and it is also in thrall with this administration and will apparently do anything to protect it.

We are in big trouble, folks.

UPDATE: Here’s another one from today. I’m sure there are more.


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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to See His Papers

  1. Severian

    the Media is deeply invested in this idea that Islam is just like any other religion when it comes to violence

    Actually, I disagree.

    I’ve been watching the media and the left (redundant, I know) for a long time, and I’ve been forced to conclude that for them, there’s really only one religion — the loud, obnoxious, bigoted pseudo-Christianity epitomized by outfits like Westboro Baptist.

    Which is ironic, because we all know that liberalism is actually a religion, and its adherents cling as bitterly to it as their worst fantasy of a Christian fundamentalist.

    To the left, “Islam” and “Muslim” are actually racial descriptors, much like “Jewish” and “Zionist.” They know intellectually that Islam isn’t a race, of course, but their attitudes towards Muslims are exactly the same as their attitudes towards blacks — none of their misbehavior is ever their fault; the bigoted imperialistic west drove them to it. (Similarly, Jews / Zionists — they honestly can’t tell the difference — are just white people once removed).

    This is the only way the left can rationalize their own prejudices (and liberals are logical, in their own bizarre way). They desperately want to see the terrorists as victims of oppression, because of course all nonwhites everywhere are victims of oppression. Taking them at their word — they kill because their religion commands it — messes up the narrative. In liberal-land, only Westerners have agency; nonwhites are purely reactive. To credit Muslim terrorists with absorbing, and then acting upon, an ideology is to credit them with an independently functioning critical apparatus — which the malignantly narcissistic liberal worldview just can’t handle.

    I can’t prove this is the case, of course, but the circumstantial evidence is plentiful. For instance, have you ever seen the media attributing the hateful things black Christians say to Christianity? Both Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton are “reverends,” no? But nobody on the left ever suggests that their brand of Christianity is bigoted and hateful, even though their sermons are quite clear about who and what God hates. Christianity as an ideology only applies to white people.

    1. philmon Post author

      For instance, have you ever seen the media attributing the hateful things black Christians say to Christianity? Both Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton are “reverends,” no?

      Excellent point.

  2. Great White Rat

    Sev’s point is a good one, but I can also see another reason why liberals go easy on Islamic terrorists, while sparing no opportunity to denounce Christians.

    The first concept to understand is that in the mind of the leftist, the individual has no value at all. The State is all that matters and is supreme in all aspects of life. This, of course, puts the left at war with religions like Christianity and Judaism, which place God above the state and believe in the value of the human soul. Therefore, those religions are to be treated as enemies of the state.

    So let’s enumerate a few of the underlying characteristics here. You have (1) a drive – some might call it an obsession – to control every aspect of individual lives. There’s (2) complete intolerance for any viewpoint except theirs, leading to (3) hatred for those who do not believe. There’s (4) a world view based on raw emotion, not logic, leading in many cases to out and out fanaticism.

    Now, did I just describe liberals – or Islamists?

    My point is that there’s a certain kinship between the two. They’re both statists. The key difference is that the Islamist merges the state and the religion. And I think that leads our liberals to give them a pass for terrorism. The liberals can understand the Islamists’ view that all who oppose them are evil, hateful, racists – since that’s exactly what they think of non-leftists.

    1. Cylar

      All true, though I always want to ask secular leftists (pretty much the entire body of militant gays/atheists/feminists)…

      “Do you people have any idea of what radical Islam wants to DO to the likes of you?”

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