You Fools! You Blew It All Up!

Charlton Heston, playing a Social Justice Warrior in some movie

Charlton Heston, playing a Social Justice Warrior in some movie

I have to admit, I still find this #GamerGate thing hilarious.  So now feminists have appointed themselves the Twitter police.  I really hate the modern argumentum ad .jpeg tactic, but I really can’t say it any better than this:

The internet left be like, "Banzai!"

The internet left be like, “Banzai!”

There are many, many reasons I don’t do social media.  There are 10x more reasons I don’t do online gaming, but in both cases, a common thread is: I just don’t have any patience for being called “noob” and/or “fag” 284,987 times an hour.

Those people live for that stuff.  It gives teenage boys, Aspies, neckbeards, and assorted other basement-dwellers indescribable joy to shit on people online.  Their lives are meaningless — meaningless — unless they can belittle your knowledge of comic books while teabagging your corpse in an online death match.

And y’all have just issued them an open invitation to fuck with you.

spock_fascinating2I predict that internet misogyny will increase approximately 32,000x the minute these chicks go live.  And not fakey-fake “misogyny,” either, where some 12 year old boy calls another pimple farm a “pussy” for not achieving Ultimate Grand Paladin or whatever in World of Warcraft and some chick in Birkenstocks with dubious hygiene gets the vapors.  I mean the real, full-on, disgusting shit, stuff that would make a Japanese tentacle porn enthusiast ask you to tone it down a bit.

And when the self-appointed Twitter police complain about that, it’ll increase 32,000,000x.  Because that’s what these people do.

So, really: Good luck with that, ladies.  You’re about to make your first contact with reality.

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2 thoughts on “You Fools! You Blew It All Up!

    1. Severian

      Hah! Nice.

      On a somewhat related note, a commenter named “Calvin” (i.e. John?) at Vox Day’s had this to say in a comment. It spurred some thoughts subsequent to this post. The comment:

      More than one culture has marched willingly to a completely avoidable death out of sheer stupidity – why do expect we will somehow be different?

      It’s not just #GamerGate and the Twitter Police. SJWs really do seem to belong to some suicide cult. Which is why calling them “leftists” is a misnomer. Yes, they mouth all the leftwing pieties, and they call themselves leftists for the most part, but that’s not accurate — the Left has an end goal in mind. The leftist vision of the world is horrifying — von Mises’s “every man but one a bureaucrat behind a desk” — but at least it’s a goal. SJWs want to destroy even that.

      So, I wonder: The Heaven’s Gate Left? The Kamikaze Left? The Easter Island Left? I kinda like that last one — “neo-Rapa-Nuians.” It sounds like gibberish — hey, like everything SJWs say! — but it really means “continuing to do stupid, self-destructive shit long past the point where you’ve obliterated your own habitat, all for some goofy statues nobody can figure out.”

      What do you think?

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